Hi.. !
Thank you for taking an interest in my photography.. This is my personal story for those who are interested to look a bit deeper into the person behind the camera!

I live at Reynella, I have two grown sons, Jake and Tyson and experienced a loving family environment. I am a female photographer southern suburbs, based South of Adelaide but I work all over Adelaide photographing Weddings, Events, Christenings, Sports Shoots, Commercial, Industrial and Family Photography – and most other photography. I have a passion for Photo Retouching including restoration of old photos. I learned photography back when we used chemical photo labs and dark rooms and I still have a couple of enlargers floating about at home. 
When same sex marriages were enabled in SA, I was fortunate to be asked to shoot a number of “rainbow weddings”, LBGT friendly photographer events, like two women getting married, or two men getting married. LOVE is LOVE after all.
Having worked in a number of fields including Administration, Sales and Customer Service – as well as predominantly working as a self employed Freelance Photographer, my skills are fairly varied and I understand my customers well, including most people’s budgets, and what they expect out of a photoshoot.
I like to pay attention to Ethics and Values in human interactions just as much as within business. Honesty is very important to me and you will find that this is also reflected in my prices And also in the time frame that I take to process your photographs (or video).
Photography is a huge passion of mine and I almost always have a camera with me. Whether it is out photographing a band on a Friday night or photographing the Onkaparinga Hills whilst on a Sunday afternoon walk. I am always working on private photographic projects, such as exhibitions or digitally manipulated art – photography is my relaxation interest as well main income.
I started photographing families through my work for national companies based in Adelaide including Event Photography, Advanced Life Photography, Academy Photography, Georges France Photography, and others.  I have now photographed thousands of SA families, and cherish my genuine and positive interactions with each family, no matter how short, and capturing the LOVE in my images.  Photos of my professional studio shoots are shown on my folios, or at my dedicated fundraising website https://alaynas-studio.au

 I took my first photo at age 9 using an old 35 mm film camera. From there I made lots of albums, as my passion and experience grew.  I studied photography at High School starting out in dark room technique and composition and set up my home dark room studio back in the early 1980s.

I like to use Canon Cameras and have owned many SLRs to date, and now including L Series professional lens, offering the finest bokeh.

I photographed my first wedding back in 1989 and right from that moment I knew that I wanted to concentrate on that field. What I particularly enjoy about weddings is the atmosphere of LOVE and HAPPINESS.

Photography is about light, time, and knowing when to click the button, and in what formation.  I see the love, and capture that in the image.

 I am open to liaising with my clients to ensure they are completely satisfied with my photography services. If you have an idea you want to do I am more than happy to listen to all your ideas and work with them to the best of my personality and ability.
I have studied Colour Photography Processing (Dark Room Technique) as well as also completing an Advanced Diploma in Visual Communication and Graphic Design at TAFE (3 years fulltime).

It has taken many years to reach a level of confidence with photography, especially with composition, which to me is the most important part.  Being tuned in to the moment and my subjects helps to ensure that I will be in the right place at the right time to catch the perfect moment! If you are looking for female photographer southern suburbs, or easy going photographer, or affordable photography I can definitely help you.  You are welcome to connect with me on facebook either personally or through my photography page.

If there is anything I haven’t already covered above (!) please ring or text me anytime and I will get back to you ASAP.


My ABN (Australian Business Number) for taxation purposes is 80845299423



A quick summary of Alayna de Graaf Photography –


  • artistic
  • creative
  • capturing the love
  • respectful
  • affordable
  • professional
  • confident
  • proficient
  • honest
  • creating rewarding experiences
  • on time
  • fast turn around
  • customer satisfaction
  • casual
  • friendly

    I’m providing treasured memories for people, so it’s important to me to get that right. Feel free to just call me for an informal chat as that is a great place to start 0433392825.
    I have been working in the photography business for over 20 years, I have various qualifications, high security clearances, and a plethora of insurances.
    Finally now I feel I can offer prospective clients and wedding couples the expertise and experience they need to give them the very best photography available. I have been concentrating on Wedding Photography and Family Photography for the last ten years and I have some beautiful images and experiences (plus testimonials) from this period of my photographic journey.
    I want to provide the best customer service I can and always go out of my way to keep my clients happy.

    My wedding services are relaxed and casual, and I love to photograph people from other cultures, especially seeing that Australia is so multi cultural.   I’ve learnt alot about different wedding customs by getting involved in this universal aspect of so many couple’s lives.    LOVE, and Weddings, and the family unit exists everywhere, and in many different forms, but we are all so much more similar than different.

    I was born here in SA, and I believe I can relate to the average South Aussie and I offer a relaxed and casual photographic experience. If you are looking for someone who can capture the essence of your personality and bring out the very best in your photos then you have come to the right person.

    The Magic of photography is something that comes alive with the best lighting conditions, if you are after some free advice on what time to get married or whether to stand in the shade or full sun etc you can call me for free advice any time. Whether you are getting married in the registry office, your back garden or the best wedding venue in Adelaide I will make you and your guests feel at home with my confident ability and happy relaxed attitude.

    I like to offer a laid back yet very focused service which includes posing each photo down to the last dot as well as also being switched on to catch THE KISS or just that special look or moment. If people prefer a more documentary style with limited or No posing assistance then I can offer that as well. I am happy to work around your requirements.

Some of the photography services I provide are as follows:
• FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY • EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY (children’s birthdays, 21st parties, engagements, store openings etc)
• STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY (Glamour, Fashion, Family etc, Hi Key Lighting, Low Key Lighting)

 I can photograph weddings anywhere within South Australia (or just out of SA) – if you would like to talk to me about booking your wedding or event please give me a call (or text) as I would be more than happy to discuss all options in detail with you. See my other pages for more business info on my availability and deposit options for making a booking.

Family Shoots start from $300, or you can buy a $200 set pack through my fundraising business.
It’s an easy way to raise funds for your school or kindy as well. See my fundraiser page called Alayna’s Studio for more information on that.






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Art is the stored honey of the human soul.” – Theodore Dreiser.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton.

“Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate.”
Nina Baldwin, “Artscapes: Art is Power”