[gallery columns="4" ids="71,60,59,58,57,56,132,141,52,138,139,53,140,51,54,55,75,128,130,129,134,131,133,73,135,136,137"]     FOR MORE PHOTO PLEASE CHECK THE LINKS BELOW TO MY OTHER ONLINE GALLERIES.  ALSO SOME WEDDING PHOTOS CAN BE SHARED WITH YOU VIA EMAIL.  FACEBOOK.COM/ALAYNADEGRAAFPHOTOGRAPHY FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY:  [gallery ids="230,236,234,238,228,232,222,223,224,225,226,227,242,243,251,229,231,233,235,252,237,254,253,239,240,241,244,245,246,247,248,249,250,256,258"]   EXHIBITIONS, ARTWORK, LANDSCAPES AND OTHER PHOTOS - GALLERY: [gallery ids="175,168,170,169,165,173,172,167,166,164,171,161,162,163,160,159,155,158,157,150,156,154,153,152,151,174,149,148,147,146,145,144"]         PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO GALLERIES - This website is underdoing a facelift - to see all of my wedding photos please visit my facebook page and weddings album. You can also see my other photography here which shows family and event photography as well as commercial, corporate, industrial - as well as my personal work in landscapes, digital art and band photography. A diverse range of Quality Photography by Alayna de Graaf Photography I have a few photos available on Flickr also. See more wedding photos on Alayna de Graaf Photography Flickr: I am just venturing into Cake Smash Photography too so you can expect to see the results of the first 2 photoshoots up by the end of 2017. Professional photographic services (With over 25 years experience) include: WEDDINGS CORPORATE EVENTS (helicopter arrivals in local schools, Miss Universe, Miss Burlesque SA, Shop Openings, Speeches and Presentations, Graduations and Formals KINDY PHOTOS FAMILY PHOTOS CAKE SMASH GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY PROFESSIONAL PHOTO RETOUCHING SERVICES PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY (FOOD, COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL) CHRISTENING If you would like to see More of my work Photos can be seen by googling 'alaynadegraafphotography' or by checking some of the online resources currently available including: facebook (, gumtree, lacartes, qv-creative folios page, red bubble, etc. You will see there is alot out there as I am a serious photographer and I love my craft and photography has been my favourite hobby for well over 25 years - I have been working as a serious Full Time Free Lance Photographer now for 10 + years now and this is my prime source of income. I highly value my clients and my reputation is very important to me - therefore I can promise I will do the best job possible for you! I am sure you will be very happy with the beautiful memories I can create for you! Every single photo is a unique moment in time - to be treasured and never experienced ever again.... Make each moment count!